The Fashion

Fashion2Equestrian Fashion – Exactly what does that mean? There are so many forms or riding styles, interests, and disciplines that describing one’s sense of Equestrian fashion is hard to pin down. Equestrian Fashion can range from blinged out western designs, to barrel racing zebra prints, to the more sedate and tailored hunt scene fashions. But no matter what form of fashion sense you subscribe, it is easy to state your claim to the equestrian world by simply adding equestrian accessories to accent a simple dress or outfit.

The Equestrian trend is gaining popularity among the non-riding population in Fashion1recent years as inspired by the cross body trend and increased boot trends that are currently popular. Recently, while shopping for a pair of boots at a local department store, we overheard a woman talking about wanting a pair of $65.00 “riding boots” to wear for everyday fashion. Wouldn’t we all wish that it could be that easy to just put on our $400 tall boots that we use for showing to use as a statement piece to go food shopping? And do these women wanting the Equestrian look realize the agony Equestrians endure trying to “break in” their new pair of tall boots?


On the positive side, due to the popularity of Equestrian fashion trends, there is an increased selection of Equestrian-inspired looks from local retailers. No longer do we have to order an equine themed shirt from a horse catalog. Equestrian inspired clothing and accessories can be found everywhere – from your local Target store to more upscale vendors such as Ralph Lauren.

2014 is the Year of the Horse.  Show off your love for all things equestrian and live the lifestyle you hold so dear. It’s easy to do and Posh Equestrian is there to show you the way!


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